Past Talks with Sacred Souls

Sam Cooper talking with Jackie White

Sam is a Natural Health & Wellbeing Consultant (specialising in bio-photon and energy re-alignment) Sam Cooper is an expert in the field of psycho-spiritual development and bio-energetic healing with more than 25 years of experience. Sam’s passion for ‘what really makes us tick’ has fuelled her own extraordinary journey and led her to professionally train…
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Paul Le Clere

What’s happening energetically currently and all the physical symptoms being experienced by sensitive people and a workshop Paul is holding in the New Year for opportunities to ride the waves of change and activate/step into the next higher version of you … Paul:Your viewers are likely to be lighthouses of clarity and strength as things…
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Empower Yourself to Freedom

Liberating yourself of any controlling or bullying energies is essential in these times. The world and everything around us is changing so quickly that we have updated this workshop to give you more help and support. The essence of the workshop remains the same, we will focus on clearing and healing what prevents you from…
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