Veda Austin – The Secret Intelligence of Water

In this presentation Veda explains how she became so interested in the Secret Intelligence of Water.

Who has influenced her work and inspired her, the incredible results showing some beautiful images she has captured over the years.

Veda now shares her work in schools and through her workshops.

Explains how many give tap water a bad name when actually it is our life giving force that is taken so for granted

and if we give love and thanks for all Water we come into contact with it will respond.

Never before have we begun to think about how intelligent water really is and our thoughts of love and gratitude while drinking it can make such a huge difference

in our body and our life.

Veda is joining us again on March 20th at 7pm live to Inspirations PLG Facebook page which is March 21st for Veda in New Zealand 8am

There will be lots of questions answered for the next talk with Veda.

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