Sacha Stone speaking with Jackie White

Sacha is working closely with a company that by the end of April will be able to provide a solution/remedy for any one affected adversely by any pharmaceutical intervention people were coerced or manipulated in to taking.

We will speak again when it is available and find out more.

The emergency phone alert supposed to be coming to everyone on April 23rd 2023 … turn your phone off for the day.

The new Quantum Financial System that went live in 200 Countries on Monday of this week.

A beautiful writing that Sacha wrote this week with an explanation.

How we need to tune into ourselves now into nature away from technology as much as possible.

Work with our communities be a part of our beautiful living Earth.

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  1. Beautiful, emotive, touching and, as you said at the end Jackie, sacred….. – thank you so much for another wonderful interview with Sacha xxx

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