Medyhne Lebachen talking with Jackie White

Arise humanity. Musician, author, artist, truth seeker. Medyhne Lebachen talking with Jackie White

We talk about the moon, is it real? A whole conversation about the moon, being a control, mechanism for nefarious purposes. It was placed there as part of our learning experience, we needed it to help us look at our shadow self. We don’t need it anymore. What we see now is a hologram. The light is so bright now we are going towards having two Suns .

Expanding our understanding and new energies for the loving new world. We need to work on ourselvesstill if we are triggered there is still things that need to be healed within us and there are things to be healed within us all.

A conversation about Princess Diana with a picture shared by Medyhne .

Ho’oponopono and how that can help our mental health. The highest level of spirituality is non attachment.

Medyhne has now fasted for five days, letting go of any attachment to food for emotional purpose, it holds you back. Fasting is spiritual mastery and growth for our evolution..

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