About Jackie

My name is Jackie White and I would like to welcome you to Inspirations Positive Living Group. I have run ‘Inspirations’ since April 2013.The objective of our group is to bring some balance, calm, laughter, joy, harmony, love and peace to what can sometimes appear to be the opposite of that in our world. To realise there are many wonderful alternatives for dealing with life and what may work for some may well be different for others. In coming along to hear all the varied speakers we have at Inspirations I feel it can help you become the more authentic you. To realise how important You are in your own right not because of what you can do for others but to see the gifts within yourself. I delight in hearing the different speakers and topics each week.

In over 8 years we have heard so many varied speakers on many different subjects. A few examples, Tarot, Angel talks, Soul Readings, Rose Alchemy, Bring in the Love, A Magic evening, Intuitive Listening, Motivational speakers, Heal Your Life Teachers, Gong bath and sound healing, Pranic Healing, 5th Dimension Talks, Ascension, Ayurvedic, Mindfulness, Kinesiology, Iridology, Homeopathy, Walk In’s and Time Travel, Theta Healing, Essences, How to write a best selling book, Karmic Palmistry with Donna Maxine, Astrology with Pam Gregory and many more. One of the most incredible evenings for Inspirations Positive Living Group was with Dr Joe Dispenza. Author of 3 best selling books ‘Evolve Your Brain’ ‘Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself’ and ‘You Are The Placebo’ Star of ‘What the Bleep Do We know’ and ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ as well and many You Tube videos.