Inspirations Positive Living Group

Inspirations PLG is a platform for many local healers, alternative holistic practitioners, artists in their own unique field of expertise as well as more well known speakers in the Mind Body & Spiritual field to come and share their knowledge with like minded souls.

We serve as a neutral platform for a variety of alternative ideas and practices which offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world.

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Sacha Stone Speaking with Jackie White

Sacha’s New Earth ProjectMortgages, Value from birth deception, treason, manifest what we do want to be a part of.Peoples Health Alliance Positivity not focusing on Negative which caused dis-easeSchool system don’t put up with their rules, take them out of the torturous system.Politicians rules and regulations inventing insanity to get their wage… living off the…
Watch now Sacha Stone Speaking with Jackie White

Judy Piatkus is our founder and leads the organisation today. Judy, our group leaders and a wide group of conscious individuals who are experts in their own fields, work together to shape and grow Conscious Cafe.

It is now a global organisation with a network of established local groups and new ones opening throughout the year, across the world. Our events enable attendees to experience conscious connections with new people, make friends and grow in knowledge and understanding.

ConsciousCafe Values

Conscious – deeply aware of self and others
Compassionate – warm, caring, welcoming and friendly
Accepting – everyone is equal and valued. Non-judgmental approach
Committed – engaged, organised and in service to the group
Open – open to new ideas and willing to share
Open your mind, listen, share, explore and grow at our ConsciousCafe events. Deepen your connection to yourself and others; unlimited possibilities await as we introduce you to experienced and knowledgeable teachers and insightful leaders.

Explore our upcoming events or take a look at our past events to get a flavour of what has been.
Changing global consciousness one conversation at a time.