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Running since April 2013 Inspirations Positive Living Group Southampton has enjoyed being a platform for many local healers, alternative holistic practitioners, artists in their own unique field of expertise as well as more well known speakers in the Mind Body & Spiritual field to come and share their knowledge with like minded souls.

Our aim is to serve as a neutral platform for a variety of alternative ideas and practices which offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world. Each presentation is from an inspirational speaker in the field of alternative holistic living and spiritual life styles.

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  • The Secrets of a Master Manifestor with Carolyne Bennett

    3rd November 2020 | 19:00 UK Time | Online via Zoom

    You may have been working with the law of attraction for some time now, have you ever noticed that some of your manifestations don’t always go to plan? In fact, the journey of learning manifesting can be very frustrating at times! The question is, what stops us from receiving the abundance and prosperity we work so hard to manifest and all these teachings promise us? We use all the tools that we are given, yet nothing or very little happens. You see other people use the principles with ease so what’s causing the block?


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Past Talks & Events

Patrick Gamble Psychic Artist

Patrick Gamble is an internationally well-respected and much loved visionary and psychic artist. He never went to art school and is entirely self-taught.

He has given guidance to those in need for over 25 years now and many turn to him again and again for the beautiful Spirit Guide Portraits he creates. Half of Patrick’s life has been as a none believer of any form of religion or faith. This however all change in his late thirties after having a spiritual experience.… Read More

The Original Dragon Lady

Catch up on past Inspirations PLG talks.. Dragons carry immense compassion for mankind, have a fabulous sense of humour and can be extremely direct. Caroline will talk about how dragons communicate with humans and why they are here now, how … Read More


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