Past Talks with Sacred Souls

Sacha Stone Speaking with Jackie White

Sacha’s New Earth ProjectMortgages, Value from birth deception, treason, manifest what we do want to be a part of.Peoples Health Alliance Positivity not focusing on Negative which caused dis-easeSchool system don’t put up with their rules, take them out of the torturous system.Politicians rules and regulations inventing insanity to get their wage… living off the…
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Harnessing the Energies

Harry Thomas, Steve Forsythe, James Mannion, AJ Roberts, Jackie White & Mike Shinton talking about the world we have been brought up to believe and now what we are creating for ourselves. Look at the fear acknowledge it and know we are going beyond it and what we are moving toward with the world wide…
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Brian Walker Psychic Surgeon

Brian is a very good friend of Inspirations Positive Living Group. He has done talks and demonstrations for us before that have been very well supported. His story of how he is now a psychic surgeon and trance healer is fascinating so for anyone one interested in Spirituality and Healing you will have the opportunity…
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