Diana Cooper Speaking with Jackie White

Wonderful to speak with Diana Cooper today seeing she is in such good health after the few months she has experienced.

Diana wanted to thank every one so much for all the Love and healing sent during the time in hospital.

She talks of all the help she had from her guides and helpers, the upgrades she went through whilst in hospital and just has such a positive outlook on life our future it is a very uplifting message Diana is sharing with us.

Thank you to everyone for their care and concern.


  1. Thank you Jackie. So wonderful to see and hear Diana who was just glowing 😃, full of such wisdom as always. Made my day.
    Blessings and much love 💕.

  2. Diana is a monumental Human Being. Blessings for your dedication for the betterment of your brother and sisters of Earth. This is what we all came for The Golden Age on Earth!! Divine blessings beautiful souls xxx

  3. One down Jackie – 300 more videos to go. Thought I would start with Diana as I’m meeting her soon.

    Have you read the surrender experiment – its the ‘real’ life of Mike Singer. Facinating what one man can achieve!!

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