In Contact with Multidimensional Beings by Elsa Dillon

Elsa, her husband Richard and eight children all in contact with Multidimensional Beings sharing some of their experiences.


  1. What wonderful guests you have on Jackie. I’m just loving going through them all. You and Elsa are talking about things that I’ve no doubt will accelerate rapidly now that many, many of us are experiencing similar beautiful experiences and syncronicities. Much Love and many Blessings – Bel

  2. No doubt the frequency of compassion lifts us far above the frequency of fear. Every entity at it’s core is pure source energy. Even those that present in a non resonant manner in our experience..
    Despite what version of a being is manifesting, unconditional love energy is what exists behind the mask of perceived malevolence.
    Some entities incarnate here to explore positive polarity that includes evolving love for self and others leading to expanding remembrance the true inner self.
    Still others incarnate to explore negative polarity and to offer what is non resonant to others as an option to either be engaged with or not.. This true of both humanity and those who are not incarnate human.
    Those entities playing out these non resonant roles are agreeing to play in the illusion of disconnection from source in varying degrees.
    As Elsa has shown, to love such beings by offering assistance is to move beyond expressing low vibrational fear and rejection that divides and confines our experience..
    When we set aside fear, the true being we encounter becomes manifest.
    Though to be able to do so, we must understand that that assistance can be given safely.
    Elsa demonstrates that safety can be asserted whilst at the same time permission to present in a disruptive, fear producing manner can be firmly denied.
    What many who are passing through our 3d experience do not yet perceive that Our own higher self acts as gatekeeper for the types of entities that are allowed to manifest in our lives.
    They are permitted for a productive purpose, no matter how they may manifest.
    That purpose is always ultimately the greater good of both the individual involved and the collective whole.
    When we as fractals of our higher self incarnate into this physical reality we do so having agreed to all that we experience.
    Even so, once here much of the memory of this agreement remains hidden.
    So what of Alien abductions?..
    From my perspective, as outlined above, they are events we have agreed to at the level of the higher self, an experience that has been agreed to, for example no different than someone incarnating into an abusive or otherwise highly non resonant situation.
    So whilst the vast majority of ET contact is benevolent and completely respectful, experiencing malevolence sometimes is purposely permitted.
    The search to find out why may well be the purpose of the experience.
    Foe those desiring greater access to ET experience, the question then becomes do we allow the fear of encountering a non resonant ET entity to continue to keep us disconnected from our greater ET family.
    Or whether we accept our sovereignty and both help and redirect these non resonant entities when we encounter them.
    These are my thoughts..

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