Empower Yourself to Freedom

Liberating yourself of any controlling or bullying energies is essential in these times.

The world and everything around us is changing so quickly that we have updated this workshop to give you more help and support.

The essence of the workshop remains the same, we will focus on clearing and healing what prevents you from being able to stand in your power.

We are all born with the ability to be strong, true to our pure selves and to stand in our power, the aim of this workshop is to help you to come back to that, your true, liberated, free and empowered self.

During this workshop we will –

– Explore what prevents you being and feeling liberated.
– Investigate emotions that hold you back.
– Give a healing session to release old patterns and emotions.
– Offer down to earth and practical tips for standing in your power.
– Give exercises to strengthen boundaries.
– Practice a meditation to reconnect you to your core self.
– Make time for a Question and Answer session.
– Give you take away tools for support in daily life.

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  1. Hello
    Thank you! I am grateful to you for sending me this re-play,
    I enjoyed this very much, it’s good to be reminded of it all.
    I felt very tired towards the end.
    Love Andrea

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