Veda Austin talks with Jackie White

In this talk Veda answers many questions about the Intelligence of Water.

The Quantum intelligence, and use within healing.
The possibility of creating structures 100’s of years ago using sound and water.
How to magnetize water and the benefit.
The relationship of salt with water and the various salts.
Different experiments with water although Veda prefers to say relationships with water rather than experiments water is too sacred to be experimented with.
The significance of humans being such a large % water.
The possibility of flat earth as water does not bend and the possibility of an ice wall around the earth.

Veda shares a profound and very personal experience when she was young that may have an impact on her work today.

One Comment

  1. wow jackie is that was incredible information from veda
    thank you so much to both of you!
    and to joe for his guest appearance

    so much to try out and so many pictures to take

    water is magical
    as is salt
    and intention

    blessings to all

    kate jasmine

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