Loulou James speaking with Jackie White

Your Symptoms Are The KEY To Your Holistic Health
In this presentation, Loulou James explains how symptoms of all descriptions are ALWAYS messengers sign-posting us to health in body, mind and spirit.
The more we understand this, she says, the better we can approach our aches and pains with a mindset that is free of fear and more conducive to supporting healing within the body.
Loulou is an intuitive and highly experienced physiotherapist and a long-term student of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching which has its roots in German New Medicine. She is also the designer of the Buttafly and the Buttafly Technique which is changing lives with its unique application for posture correction and back pain relief

Loulou: I first came across Lifestyle Prescriptions (or META Health as it was branded then) in 2013 just as I was leaving for France on sabbatical.
I remember being really bummed! Here was something that spoke so much sense and seemed to provide all the unanswered questions from my career as a physio… But, argghhh, I didn’t want to do any more study! I’d really had ENOUGH!
But you can’t put a good thing down, as they say and as I was unwittingly developing the Buttafly Technique, it became important for me to understand the emotional connections of back pain. When people have a positive response to the Buttafly Technique the first thing they ask is, “Will this cure my back pain?”
I wanted to be 💯 per cent honest… The truth is, all symptoms are a combination of body, mind, social, and spiritual.
What I love about Lifestyle Prescriptions is that it’s specific and takes the guesswork out of health concerns. All the answers are there, we just need to know where to look.
If you would like help with your back pain, I offer an entirely different approach. If you want conventional physiotherapy, I’m not your woman.
If you want a holistic approach, understanding how the mind affects the body is a helpful first step. I welcome this invitation from Jackie White


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