Edward Fitzgerald author of Smoke & Mirrors

This is the first interview after Edward’s E book was available from Tuesday February 28th 2023

In June 2011, Edward sustained a traumatic brain injury during a yacht race (one of his passions).

During the subsequent recovery period under neurologists and counsellors, was told that “you are going through a period of bereavement for the loss

of your memory and other capabilities, you need to come to terms with the fact that your international consulting activities are no longer a reality”.

Edward was incensed enough to vow he would come back 110% better than he was before.

His book is not just a book it is a call to action, the amount of research Edward has put into this is incredible.

I urge anyone to share this with friends, his e-book is £2.22 through this link:


Professor Dolores Cahill a good friend of Edward’s has written the forward for the book and Edwards talks about how he met Dolores.

. In the first chapter it explains there are three ways to hold the Monarch and a rogue or tyrannical Parliament and or Government to account.

Edward explains why the text in the book written completely in purple.

There is so much information shared in this video and so grateful to Edward for all the effort he has put into this.


  1. Wow! Amazing! Thank you Edward & Jackie. This information needs to get out. Power to the People. Our time has come. All the best

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