What is Your Life’s Purpose & What is Stopping You From Achieving It?

What is your life’s purpose, and what’s stopping you from achieving it?
With Dennis R Lindsey

In this experimental interactive session Dennis would like to help you to:

  • Get out of your head, find, and hold your centre.
  • Develop your intuition.
  • Link into the non local field and create a group mind.
  • Help each other to explore your personal missions.
  • Look at what is stopping you from achieving it.

Yes sometimes we can be impeded from our goals by external circumstances or timing, but often it’s an internal resistance that not only initially stops you from starting, but also can sabotage your success once you get going. During this session we will look also at these internal obstacles and see how we can turn them into our allies.

The night is an exploration of Joseph Campbell’s, the hero’s Journey and how it may apply to your life now, in the past, but most importantly, how you can use some simple concepts and techniques that can help you to begin to quickly move through some of life’s apparent roadblocks and repeating patterns.

Dennis R Lindsey is a Business and Life Coach, A spiritual healer, Intuitive and Author of the book The Next Level.
Human beings and the meaning and rules of life and success have always fascinated me. I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, and, Hypnotherapy. I trained for many years with Tony Robbins, and the co-founder of NLP Richard Bandler. I became the apprentice to the Super Coach Michael Neill and closely work with many of the finest Master Coach’s in the world.
I have always been fascinated by the world of psychic development. This prompted me to begin practicing meditation when I was 13 and study and explore religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Spiritualism. I was always fascinated by the book of Acts, when the disciples were infused with the spirit and energy of God to heal others. This strong desire led me to become a healer, and many years later an intuitive. Although I don’t openly advertise these skills, I use and teach them to my clients.

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