Tim, Pam, Sue & Jackie coming together to talk about these changing times

Jackie White will be hosting this conversation between Tim Whild, Pam Gregory and Sue Stone, four friends that live on the South Coast of England. We will be talking about this last year and how we have found it and how we are keeping our vibrations high in these changing times.

Tim Whild
Tim Whild is an ascension worker, author, Atlantean, international speaker and crystal expert from Dorset, United Kingdom.
Tim was awoken to his life purpose at the end of 2008 by his good friend Diana Cooper who has also played a crucial role in the Earth’s Ascension process. Diana and Tim have written and released The Archangel Guide to Ascension – 55 Steps to the Light, released by Hay House Publishing. Their second book The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery – Living in the Fifth Dimension is also available worldwide and both books have been translated many times.

Pam Gregory
Astrology has been a passion for Pam Gregory for 40 years. Very early in her studies, she realised what an insightful tool it was, how it can pinpoint the special abilities that make you unique. Past cycles act as ‘seeding points’ for themes in our lives, but your past does not have to determine your future. What’s special about The Next Step is that it shows you not only how self-defeating patterns have developed, but how to break them. Clients often comment that it’s like having “a light shone on your soul”.

Sue Stone
From £10 left in her purse, depressed, desperate and full of fear to becoming totally at peace, happy, financially free and a TV Secret Millionaire, Sue has gone through an incredible life transformation.

Author of her latest book “The Power Within You Now!” and “Love Life, Live Life”, Sue dedicates her life to helping others. She is regularly in the media, a TV presenter and thrives on helping people from all walks of life across the world to create a life they love with personal empowerment, inspirational business mentoring and motivational speaking. She is also the Transformational Leader of the Sue Stone Foundation.

www.suestone.com and www.suestonefoundation.com

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