The Secrets of a Master Manifestor with Carolyne Bennett

Carolyne is a Life Coach and Inspirational speaker who appears regularly on BBC Radio Solent Ask the Expert show and has featured in national magazines and newspapers.
This evening Carolyne will be speaking about The Secrets of a Master Manifestor.

You may have been working with the law of attraction for some time now, have you ever noticed that some of your manifestations don’t always go to plan? In fact, the journey of learning manifesting can be very frustrating at times! The question is, what stops us from receiving the abundance and prosperity we work so hard to manifest and all these teachings promise us? We use all the tools that we are given, yet nothing or very little happens. You see other people use the principles with ease so what’s causing the block?

Carolyne Bennett knows how frustration manifesting can be. Having had to rise from the ashes, Carolyne suffered the ill-effects of debt, overcame drug abuse issues and repeated patterns of attracting harmful and destructive relationships. The law of attraction was her saving grace. When she learnt how to use it well, of course, Carolyne now helps people with manifestation mastery to experience more love, create abundant flow, attract healthy relationships and life of purpose. This talk is for you if you would like to learn the secret of master manifesting and what the books don’t tell you.

Carolyne has a wealth of knowledge and experience on helping others to create a magical life and live a life that lights them up. Her sessions are fun, upbeat and inspiring.

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