The Four Fundamentals: Self-Healing, Self-Awakening & Self-Liberation with Nicolya Christi

Between June 1997 and November 2002 Nicolya experienced over five years of out-of-body experiences (OBE’s), which included mystical and futuristic encounters with otherworldly realities and a life-changing experience of conscious dying in March 2002. In October 2009 she had a consciousness transforming and existence-defining momentary experience of Enlightenment.

– The ego/Self Fairytale
A unique approach to the healing and integration of the wounded and unintegrated ego and psychological shadow through story-telling in the form of an inspirational and revelatory fable.

– The 21 Arrows – A Map for Evolving Consciousness
An exclusive psycho-spiritual exploration of the First Nation Peoples’ traditional Oral Wisdom Teaching – ‘The Seven Dark, Seven Light, & Seven Rainbow Arrows’. This map for evolving consciousness was originally written by Nicolya in 2009. Recently, she has revised and re-edited it producing this newly updated account.

– The Twelve Phases of Ascension
A phenomenal psycho-spiritual and metaphysical trajectory revolving around the twelve instrumental ‘gateways’ of the Ascension Process. These phases are based on Nicolya’s own personal experience as well as her penetrating perception and channelling of important information for our times. Insights from spiritual teachers Tashira Tachi-ren and Jasmuheen are included in some of the Phases.

– The Diamond Heart Prayers
Two very special Prayers that effectively and profoundly facilitate the healing, transformation and transcendence of historical, psychological, karmic, ancestral, and epigenetic psycho-spiritual patterns and conditioning.

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