Sacha Stone Speaking with Jackie White

Sacha’s New Earth Project
Mortgages, Value from birth deception, treason, manifest what we do want to be a part of.
Peoples Health Alliance Positivity not focusing on Negative which caused dis-ease
School system don’t put up with their rules, take them out of the torturous system.
Politicians rules and regulations inventing insanity to get their wage… living off the back bone of society.
Women leaving their children once it was deemed women go in to the workplace.
Step in to our sovereignty pick up our babies and start to manifest the life we need for our Children’s future.
Community Assembly’s willing to go to the homes of those strong enough to not pay bills when the bailiffs come and stand up to the bailiffs..
Spike proteins, weaponisation, light & shade, good and evil….
Solar Flash, DNA’s strands, hyperdermentional DNA
Meditation, Relationships, Absolution, Forgiveness.
Introduced to Sacha’s beautiful dog El Chapo

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