Ray Savage – Common Law & Our Sovereignty

Common Law, Our Sovereignty, Inalienable Rights
The role of a ‘Peace Constable’ Guardians 300

Ray will speak about how policing has gone from a service to the people, to a corporate force
and explain about the subjugation on our Sovereignty and Common Law

Ray has such a wide range of understanding in so many fields, highly relevant especially in this present timing for humanity and the way forward. The world is changing daily and Ray’s insight is so relevant. He joined the police constabulary, which was a service to the people over 50 years ago which included conventional policing and later intelligence work and setting up and running a counterterrorist squad. He has seen the police constabulary go from a service to the people, to becoming a corporate force in 20 years which was the period he was active.

Ray has some important insights and information about the various convoluted strangleholds of the elite being perpetrated on humanity.
As a speaker Ray holds knowledge that is most useful for us to be aware of, understand and know that there are people out there fighting for our rights, to know who they are and how we can contact them should the need arise.

Supporting information – https://jackie-white.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Ray_Savage_references.pdf


  1. I have a friend who has a criminal case of assault coming up against him on 28th Feb. He is innocent! The police firstly, but now the solicitor he has, from that same town is playing in their court, not his. He wants to stand in his own defense, but I’m trying to suggest common law be applied somehow. He is concerned he’d be arrested and imprisoned and fined more by trying to rebutt it. I’d appreciate any suggestions, or help, could be paid. We have some more substantiating evidence of her mental instability which could be used. Thankyou

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