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  • Capturing the Essence of Nature – with Debs Atkinson

    2nd March 2021 | 7:00pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

    Flower and plant essences are known for their wonderful healing effects but did you know that you can prepare your own? We often feel we need a particular something and may not have that essence to hand, to learn how to prepare your own is invaluable knowledge to have in your home healing tool box. Debs will use this short session to run a mini workshop teaching us how to choose and prepare an essence for ourselves, friends, family and pets.

    Debs is an empathic healer who works closely with nature, she offers healing and readings.

  • David Hamilton The Magic Of Kindness

    9th March 2021 | 7:00pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

    Kindness is like magic. It changes one thing into another.
    Never underestimate the power of a kind word, or a gesture that shows you care, you’re listening, or you’re here if needed. A small thing for you might be a huge thing for someone else.
    One of the things I think we don’t realise is that most words and acts of kindness have unforeseen effects. Rarely are you able to witness how that little light you brought to someone’s day actually went on to brighten someone else’s day. That’s the ripple effect of kindness.
    Next time you help someone in any way, the chances are they will go onto help someone else that day, whether in a kind act, or by listening, being patient, showing compassion, in their words, or even in their prayers.
    David will cover how kindness impacts mental health (improves happiness, protects against depression) and even how it directly impacts the brain. He also explains how kindness impacts physical health (blood pressure, immune system, etc) and can even slow some aspects of the ageing process. We will discuss the importance of self kindness, what it looks like and share ways of how to practice it. Finally how kindness is highly contagious (very high R number) and even when we don’t realise it, our little kindnesses very often have unforeseen effects that we never hear of.
    The self kindness bit also creates an opportunity to talk a wee bit about self esteem.

  • 5 Signs You Have a Weakened Immune System with Amie Marshall

    16th March 2021 | 7:00pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

    When Amie did her first talk for us at Inspirations Positive Living it was titled ‘How I lost 10 stone’ I can honestly say we could have heard a pin drop, it was so captivating, heartbreaking but then completely inspiring how Amie has turned her life around. It really was one of the most memorable talks I had ever hosted.
    For this talk Amie will share her story and then share with us the 5 signs of a weakened immune system.

  • Michelle Fielding – Golden Key-The Essence Of Time.

    23rd March 2021 | 7:00pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

    Working with Angels, Archangels and the entire spiritual hierarchy, Michelle channels answers and explanations. In her meditations, courses, blogs and videos she explains how we all have a life purpose and how we can use spiritual understanding to navigate life’s ebbs and flows.

  • The Chinese Year of the Metal Ox with Nicholas Haines

    30th March 2021 | 7:00pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

    On March 30th Nicholas has agreed to join us to explore what is ahead for us in 2021. He describes the Metal Ox as a different year from 2020 but with equally essential lessons for you. Plus, a fantastic set of opportunities waiting to be grasped.
    In this workshop, Nicholas will share…

    • What’s driving patterns and behaviours in 2021 and beyond
    • The three important guiding principles to follow in 2021
    • The geopolitical and social opportunities for us all – and our collective challenge!
    • How the 2021 Metal Ox year can impact our confidence and closest relationships
    • Easy to use techniques to reduce stress and embrace new situations

    The session will be practical as well as enlightening. What you learn in this one evening will serve you all your life and help you support those nearest and dearest to you.