Nici Phoenix-Crystal Expert & The Worlds Only Prism Facilitator

Nici Phoenix-The Worlds only Prism Facilitator
For this evening what I will do:
I will meditate that morning and tune into the group’s energies and will then create a mandala for the Group and I will talk about the crystals that are there and how they will support whatever challenge or focus came through in my meditation and then take questions. This is not just another talk about a crystal for manifestation!

Who is Nici Phoenix?
Over many years I’ve acquired sacred teachings from studying with Global Masters and across various modalities, creating a unique, bespoke healing toolkit as the world’s only Prism Facilitator, working primarily with the Crystalline Realms. My work with the crystalline realm is sacred and intuitive and so each client I work with receives unique readings, healings and information. In order to create a bespoke mandala, I combine all my knowledge and, through meditation, connecting with the Siddha Kundalini Crystal Masters, Alstar Quest Masters Lord Zwanski & Lady Kuan Yin, together with the activation of the energy of crystals, I work with clients to help them transform, for more information please head to

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