Moving from 3D to 5D with Donna Maxine White

It can be very confusing just understanding what is happening in your own life, let alone trying to comprehend moving from one dimension to another! It is not as confusing or technical as it sounds. Basically the human race is evolving spiritually, it is our energy and emotions that are changing, we are opening up different avenues in our brains and our energy field that enables us to connect with our sixth sense and be more aware emotionally and spiritually.

For people that have no concept of what is happening it is a time of fear and you will find many people will be negative or frustrated, blaming other people or world leaders for all that is wrong. More light workers are needed to help lift the energy on the planet to aid the transition and help quell the negative fear, which it is why it is essential that you be true to yourself and follow your inner calling.

Donna will talk about the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions and help make sense to us of how best to navigate it all.

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