Michelle Fielding & Alexander Quinn Quantum Financial System

Gesara and Nesara the new ‘in words’ but what is it about?
You may have heard about the great financial reset and be wondering what does that really mean?
Both Michelle and Alexander know more than most of us about this Quantum Financial System and is happy to share what they can with us. They are not experts but have both done a lot of research on the subject.

Michelle Fielding has been a spiritual coach and writer for over 15 years.

Working with Angels, Archangels and the entire spiritual hierarchy, Michelle channels answers and explanations. In her meditations, courses, blogs and videos she explains how we all have a life purpose and how we can use spiritual understanding to navigate life’s ebbs and flows. Through facilitating and teaching spiritual developments groups , many people have had life changing experiences. They have met their Angels, felt a spiritual awakening or reached newer and higher levels of consciousness. One to one coaching sessions and the publication of her book ‘Meet your Angels’ have also proved invaluable to her many personal clients from all over the world.

Alexander Quinn Starseed – Spiritual/Science Speaker and Advisor. Universe of Life

After having a spiritual awakening I began to contact with energies unseen both worldly and otherworldly. I became an expert on the “Starseed Phenomenon” with my definitive dot connecting explanation and exploration of everything involved in the starseed spiritual experience comprised in my book – “Starseeds, What’s It All About?!”

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