Make Friends with your Gut with Catherine Hood Bodicare

The gut is all about absorbing and letting go.

We are one massive tube – if we don’t digest and eliminate – we will not be well.

Catherine Hood has been a colonic Hydrotherapist for over 10 years, in the Midlands and more recently based in the New Forest, Hampshire.

Over a period of 3 of those years she worked as a colonic therapist at Juicy Oasis, the Jason Vale juicing retreat in Portugal, which as Catherine puts it, ‘was an amazing and life changing experience for both the clients and herself ”. This really convinced her how important it is to ensure that your digestive and intestinal systems are working well. And as your gut is your second brain, a healthy gut contributes to well being on emotional and mental levels as well as the physical. Catherine is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential on all levels starting with the gut.

So join Catherine for the journey of ‘Food to Poo’ in a fun and informative talk of how best to nourish and balance your body both physically, mentally and emotionally and be inspired by Catherine’s enthusiasm and passion for helping people realise their true potential

Catherine has a clinic at her home in Netley Marsh – Bodicare Complete Health and Wellbeing and her website is


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