John O’looney talks with Jackie White

Covid, the jab and what’s going on from the perspective as a funeral director.


  1. What a brilliant, honest man, who speaks from the heart. I have heard John speak several times, and his sincerity and caring shines through. What a shame more of his colleagues in other funeral business are not prepared to join him in speaking out, but at least John knows that he has their backing and support in what he is saying. Let us hope that more of the ‘sleepers’ will hear him and wake up to what is happening around them.

  2. So powerful and hard-hitting. Courageous, articulate man – cutting through the lies, misinformation and BS to get to the truth. “Choice between an alligator and a crocodile”!! “Twats”!! Funny and brilliant 🙂

    Thank you both <3

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