Ismael Perez speaking with Jackie White

Our 12 DNA strands where we have only been using 2 the others will be opening us up much more spiritually.

How will Our Charkras be affected.

The Solar Flash Ismael speaks of will cure those that have taken the concoction through coercion.

Fallen Angels. The difference between Satan and Lucifer.

Petrol. Deisel, Water the elite… how they became wealthy.

Planes of existence and our higher consciousness.

Starseeds and the new children.

Royalty, The Queen, Clones, what happens after the Queen…

Diana (Her boys) she is working with President Trump and JFK Jnr.

Spirit attachments and how they affect us.

How to protect ourselves.

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Our Cosmic Origin: Knowledge in preparation for the ascension of planet earth

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