Ho’oponopono with Dennis Mears and Jackie White

Catch up on past Inspirations PLG talks..

Dennis Mears and Jackie White speak about Ho’oponopono and how it helps them in their life.

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  1. How wonderful this interview with Dennis was Jackie. When I was counselling people, I used ho’oponopono at that time only for those who were bereaved, those who wanted their loved ones to know they were sorry for whatever it was after they had gone to spirit. My clients found it immensely helpful.

    I have learned so much more now from you guys how amazing it is for everything and everyone. Now I’ve got a much better understanding of its power I’m using it all the time. It can definitely be felt when past memories from this life or many other lives have been forgiven and just go. There’s an emotional pain that comes with it and the repeating of ho’oponopoo makes it just gradually dissolve. Absolutely incredible.

    So thank you Jackie and thank you Dennis for sharing your vast knowledge on this. The student was ready and the teacher(s) did appear. Much Love and many Blessings to you both ❤️🙏🌎✌️

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