Fearlessness in 2022 with Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone talks with Jackie White about a range of topics from his Arise America Tour, to how many new Billionaires, how the media play on our hearts for giving money. The Crown, the Vatican. People being knighted Tony Blair, Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van Tam! Icons working for the dark side where 1000’s listen to them and their narrative… and more.


  1. Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love.
    The Spirit of Truth is with you both in this wonderful chat…the geometry of knowledge, wisdom and love, coalesce and weave the eternal fabric as evidenced in this broadcast…in action…Happy New Year

  2. Thank you both for this great video. I so love listening to Sacha speak when asked the best questions 🙂 He continues to lift my spirit, I feel so drained around all these poor people unawake. Am I wrong when I feel like… everything has a time to expire and if you don’t wake up now… so be it. I can not and WILL NOT, drain my energy anymore trying to explain my UNVAXXED, HEALTHY, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, BODY that I relentlessly take care of HEALS ITSELF! Again, much appreciation and love to you both. I can breathe easier and don’t feel so tense after listening. Namaste beautiful love and light. Carla

  3. Thank you for sharing Carla, I don’t know if you know about Ho’oponopono but that is what helps me. I have a talk about it on Past talks on our website. What anyone else thinks is none of our business, you know how wonderful you are what a gift and a light to the world so live in that knowing, bless you and wishing you a very Happy New Year xxx

  4. Really fabulous and a wonderful interview to start off 2022 – I could watch and listen to you all day! Thank you both so x🙏x

  5. Of all the interviews I’ve seen of Sacha, and there’s been a lot, the ones with you are my favorite! Another level, soul bearing, full of light conversations.

  6. Brilliant, love Sacha, he is very well versed in the subject, in fact any subjects! ( wink ) You two make a great team! Thank you very much, much love, gratitude and light to you, Sacha and all of us who stays away from this weapon!

  7. Hi Jackie, I enjoyed this interview so much I listened to it twice!
    I was wondering what you and Sasha think about the CERN collider. It’s supposed to be switched on again soon which I find worrying.
    Thank you for your work,
    Gabi xx

  8. I am so humbled by what I have heard tonight!
    Many, many thanks and Divine blessings to you both Sacha and Jackie for giving honour to the date and time to awaken my wisdom futher more in these “times” that we are all bearing witness to. Hope is now more realistic and however long it takes the closer we all are to a new earth reality.
    Bless you!
    Limassol Cyprus

  9. Thank you Jackie for bringing the ever refreshing guest of Sasha. Always e lightening to hear what he has to say and the information he brings.

  10. Always a pleasure to listen to Sacha, this magnificent being. Such a good interview Jackie, you are both pure light. Very uplifting words and energy. All is well. Lots of love. Raquel

  11. Jackie…love this …you asked all the questions I wanted answers too..
    Still if these ex white hats have given in to carrying and promoting the deceit is it not still if their intention is to infiltrate and are they realizing how many souls they have sent to I’ll health and evenamnaon. Also how does sacra get to travel being v’d.?

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