Coming Out Of The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul

I came across Alexander somehow as you go from one link to another and it was his Predictions for 2021. Well I was hooked, he is so interesting so I contacted him and was delighted when he answered and even more happy when he agreed to do an interview/chat with me. This is part of his story to date:

Alexander Quinn:
In 2012 I had what many call, “The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul”. It was my spiritual awakening and it was born out of a traumatic accident that ended up putting me in hospital. Up until that point I had never questioned my reality and was firmly still living a 3D life stuck in the matrix. It was soon after this period I started having contact with ETs/Angelic beings and more with the “clair” abilities beginning to develop. I went through an almost urgent path of trying to find out who I was and why I was on earth, working my way out of what felt like total darkness at the time going back to the light. Did I feel like I was losing it? I SURE DID! My mission is to help and offer support to those awaking who are searching for answers and perhaps even feel lost !

What Alexander has gone on to create is a You Tube channel for spiritual, ET, Metaphysical lovers and more, everything we love.

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