Andy Ford & Tim Abbott discussing Mediumship

I am very grateful that Andy and Tim are joining us for this evening, two very experienced mediums, when I went to Stansted a couple of years ago I went in to hear a debate about spirituality and to hear a conversation and take part in it was absolutely brilliant. My understanding of Spirituality and Mediumship was greatly helped by it. Before I thought they were the same thing really!

Come together for this interesting discussion with international mediums Tim Abbott and Andy Ford where we look at the psychology within our Mediumship if we accept within mental Mediumship
communication takes place through telepathy and are coming together of both the mind of the medium and of the communicating spirit then we need in this modern day of Mediumship to look at and have a greater understanding of the part our mind plays within the craft of Mediumship and how our thoughts can empower or indeed undermined the very quality of our Mediumship.

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