…And Breath with Samantha Fisher

How to optimise your breathing habits for good health!

Not many of us pay any attention to the breath, unless we are asked to; but how you breathe has a massive impact on every body system, including your emotional and mental wellbeing.

It is easy to fall into a naughty breathing habit without ever realising it!

In this session we can discuss some common dysfunctional breathing patterns, and how Buteyko Breathing method can help you to address them and be healthier.

Samantha has trained in using the Buteyko Theory & Method she is also trained in Bowen Technique, Reflexology and Daoyin Tao
The Buteyko Method is a set of breathing exercises developed over 40 years by Prof. Konstantin Buteyko to develop healthy breathing patterns to maintain the correct oxygen:carbon dioxde ratio in the bloodstream.

Many asthmatics, and others with breathing difficulties, have experienced remarkable improvement in their conditions with this amazing method, allowing them to significantly reduce their dependency on medication, and enjoy a quality of life they had previously though impossible.

In the late-19th century, Austrian scientists Breyer & Gering discovered that man is the only biological specimen on Earth not to have developed a correct way of breathing – some of us breathe deeply, others superficially, some fast, some slow, some with pauses, some without.

Prof. Buteyko’s later research showed that only around one in ten of us breathe correctly, giving a very specific gas mixture which our organism requires to function correctly.

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