An interview with Qadir – Dowser and Geomancer

Qadir opens up a crack in to the dark world of the wealthy and the powerful and how they have used and abused the natural energies of the Earth and how they have incarcerated countless souls in energy prisons for thousands of years…all for further wealth and power and all for their own benefit.

He explains some of the hidden works of the wealthy, politicians, Kings and Queens and Emperors and how their system of power is being swept away. Beyond this lies a new movement however, the movement towards the New Earth, and this is a movement that you can join.

As the system of prisons is being released and cleared a newly installed system of Love Beacons is replacing them and this system is being created around the world and can be empowered by our Love.

Qadir explains the origins of this work and how you can join in this new movement for change, simply working on your own or joining with the Lumis power of 8 groups…Empowering the Beacons with LOVE.

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  1. Such an exciting talk. Thank you all for this opportunity to feel the power of Aroha/Love on the move. Burke Hunter in Aotearoa/New Zealand

  2. Such an interesting talk, which has led me to be able to link to my own dowsing work in the field of health and trauma healing.
    Thank you

  3. I find this fascinating because 10 years ago I was trying to sell a house and a friend who was a geomancer came to see me. She did some dowsing, and discovered that in my house – which was on the Michael line coming out of Glastonbury, was a soul prison where priests, priestesses and Druids had been bound, since Roman times. The men were bound in a different place to the women.

    There was also some holographic images bound there including that of Jesus and the tree of life.

    She worked on releasing these, and within a few weeks my property had sold. I always felt that somehow my purpose of being there was to facilitate the release of these souls.

    I felt that it was a bizarre story, and I really didn’t understand it, but listening to this extraordinary man I now understand it so much better. Although I’m not entirely sure about the holographic images.

    I understand that he believes this dates from Tudor times, but the soul prison in my house was at least Roman. This might explain the huge number of Souls he believes have been entrapped.

    I hasten to add that my geomancer friend was completely astonished by what she discovered. She had never discovered anything like this before. By the way the house I sold at the time was about 18 years old, and as far as I am aware nothing had ever been built on that land before. But the position of the house seemed to be on a shoreline which would’ve risen out of the Somerset levels i.e. the land in front of it would’ve been under water during Roman times.

  4. What an amazing video Thankyou Jackie for making this Interview and Thankyou Qadir for instigating this Incredible , planet healing , work.
    I had heard of soul prisons from Mark Passio in his enlightening series of podcasts ,describing them as a satanic device trapping souls in a cube within a cube within a cube to be used as some kind of power supply (?) for dark forces. ( and I have learned a little more from Shessy”s interesting comment too) but I had no idea there were so many of them.
    How wonderful that they are being cleared !
    As A novice dowser I have discovered for myself (after reading a Hamish Miller book) that dirty /unhappy energy lines can be cleared by sending white light (from source) and love down them ..(my workshop is a much happier space scince I did this) but the idea of Love beacons is inspired …and now Qadir has introduced the idea…so obviously the perfect soloution.
    Being a child of the sixties I have always known that Love is the answer ,but what a practical way to spread it around : )
    I’m off to to see if I too am able to help the planet in this way
    Thanks for showing us such a special way forward (I shall share with my Dowsing group too)
    Loads of Love

  5. Inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing this video. I am heartened to know this work is being done and that we can all effectively help the process!

    Endless waves of love, light, peace and joy!

    Christine x

  6. By synchronicity I had a book (Pathways of the sun) by Geomancer Dean Liprini (Cape Town) with me at a festival in Sedgefield (South Africa). I do one on one guided meditation channeling for people. I was shown by.spirit to clear a pathway between Sedgefield and Uluru in Australia by big groups of us doing concious dancing together. I believe our expanded conciousness worked with the native autralian people to free a crystal heart. I have NO IDEA what I am talking about, but as the speaker says when we meditate we connect to our expanded conciousness aka higher selves to claim back our earth.

  7. What i forgot to mention above was that during one session i opened Deans book, which I had not read, and found there was a pathway between where I was and Uluru.

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