Adrian Incledon-Webber – The Secrets of House Healing

• Is there conflict in your home?
• Have you ever walked into a room and felt inexplicably uncomfortable?
• Do you feel more tired than is reasonable for the life you live?

Then it may be that detrimental energies are at play in your home…

Houses can be more than just bricks and mortar. As well as physical structures, they can be repositories of emotional, spiritual and earth energies. Adrian will briefly explain the nature of these energies and how they can affect us and our family. He will also talk about some unique healing techniques he uses to help clear his clients homes.

We will start the evening with a psychic protection meditation and discuss why it is so important to carry out daily.

About Adrian: an estate agent in his previous life, Adrian became aware that negative energies could affect house sales. Some would never sell; others would return to the market very quickly. This led him to developing his own unique style of house healing and forming his company Dowsing Spirits.
He has successfully worked on hundreds of homes and businesses worldwide. His first book ‘Heal Your Home’ has been described by many as the ‘bible of geopathic stress’ and he has just launched his follow up ‘Heal Your Home 2 – The Next Level’; both contain an extensive healing section allowing people to carry out the healing work themselves.

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