11/9 Pillars of White Light Transmission

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This collaboration with Renee Johnson and Sally Sherin will bring in light codes, structures and geometries for everyone who participates, rippling these out into the human collective, and to be received by our beautiful planet Earth.

Practically, the session will be a mix of channelled information and quantum meditation, opening to whatever we are guided on the day. Those of you who join will be called to this important work, overseen by the Lyran Lions of Light. And you will each be abundantly rewarded by the Lions!

The date has been definitively chosen by the higher teams of Light, specifically because of the energies contained within it:
The number 9 is the number of completion, the Godhead, and resonates to the LOVE frequency of creation, while the master number 11 carries the LIGHT frequencies of information. Both numbers are equally important, and work together with humanity, especially when we become conscious of their use and power. Friday is the day of planet Venus – Goddess and Divine Feminine.

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