Upcoming Talks

  • The Work of Byron Katie with Evie Gibbens

    30th November 2021, 7:00pm

    The Work of Byron Katie with Evie Karen.
    Imagine unconditionally forgiving yourself and others. That’s what “The Work” of Byron Katie can make possible in your life.
    “The Work” is a simple yet powerful, meditative, process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question the thoughts and judgments that cause your suffering.
    People who do The Work as an ongoing practice commonly report alleviation of depression, decreased stress, improved relationships, reduced anger, increased mental clarity, and more energy and peace.
    This evening will be an invitation for you to experience the freedom of undoing whatever makes you unhappy, and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.
    Evie Karen Gibbens is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and A Course in Miracles student/teacher.
    Evie Karen has been offering this practice since 2006 throughout Europe, Africa and America.

    Download the Judge your Neighbour Worksheet

  • Astrology with Pam Gregory

    7th December 2021, 7:00pm

    Astrology has been a passion of Pam’s for almost 40 years. Very early in her studies, she realised what insightful tool astrology was, how it can pinpoint the special aspects in your cosmic blueprint that make you unique. Past cycles act as ‘seeding points’ for themes in our lives, but your past does not have to determine your future.
    With Astrology it’s hard to know a better way to understand your uniqueness, reveal your life’s patterns, and see what’s coming up with such depth and accuracy. Pam has featured on BBC Radio and Radio Glastonbury, has done many talks and workshops in the South, and was part of the “Amazing You!” weekend in Bournemouth in November 2012.

    So we are delighted that Pam is joining us this evening to talk about the last two years and how well we have all done and what Pam sees for us for the next few years…
    Always uplifting and inspiring this will be a wonderful evening with Pam.

  • Hypnotherapy for Positive Change with Sarah Dupont

    14th December 2021, 7:00pm

    Hypnotherapy for Positive Change with Sarah Dupont
    Do you want to make any of these changes in your life?

    • letting go of the anxiety
    • breaking unwanted habits
    • changing patterns of behaviour
    • releasing fears and phobias
    • losing weight
    • stopping smoking
    • addictions and compulsions
    • boosting confidence
    • relationship issues

    Hypnotherapy can help with all of the above, and is a very relaxing and enjoyable way to make fast and effective change and improve your quality of life.
    Hypnotherapy utilises your own ability to daydream & focus internally as Sarah guides you to help create your future, being the person that you wish to be.
    If you’d like to know more about Hypnotherapy then join Sarah on this zoom evening. There will be some tips and techniques for you to pop into your emotional well-being toolkit & a guided journey to help let go of things that no longer serve you and to help create the future you that you would like to be now.

  • 2022 – The Golden Year of Change with Tim Whild

    4th January 2022, 7:00pm

    In the beginning of 2020, we entered a period of deep global turbulence that has led to some of the most incredible scenarios that we have witnessed in this lifetime.
    Many souls on the spiritual pathway are aware that these changes are part of a greater plan, but what is that greater plan? Where is all this chaotic clearing, releasing, unrest, upgrading and new light leading to?

    It is becoming clear on a mass level that the world is waking up but what do we do with this awakening, and how will it change the world as we know it?

    2022 is set to be a year of alchemy where lead is turned into gold. Many of us have worked hard for this time and trained for many incarnations to prepare us for the Cosmic Event we are witnessing.

    Tim Whild has been presenting for Jackie White since she invited him to do his first talk in the Summer of 2014. Tonight, he will be appearing via Zoom to give his latest predictions, energy forecasts, updates, and analysis on the fast-moving events occurring in our reality.

    Tim will also share a powerful visualisation to assist you to begin 2022 in your highest vibration, along with tips/tricks to maintain it.

    During this presentation you will –

    • *Learn about the Atlantean Unity Grid and how it affects every soul on the spiritual pathway*
    • *From 3D to 5D. What does this mean and how is it going to happen? What will it look like when we get there?*
    • *What really happened in January 2020 and why?*
    • *Learn about your soul family and the process you will go through to connect to them*
    • *How to pick and stick to your highest timeline and create your reality like a Master*

    Tim Whild is an ascension worker, author, Atlantean, international speaker and crystal expert from Dorset, United Kingdom.