Your Starseed Origin with Alice Heath

16 May 2023 | 19:00 GMT

There are many of us on Earth who connect with the term Starseed…many who look up to the Stars and yearn to know more of the planets, Suns and Stars we’ve before wandered…even to know our true lineage…

… but what if we were to tell you, you’ve been to all of them before! That within you is the magic and resonance of each constellation, just waiting to be activated!

Join Jackie and Alice in this beautiful heart-warming workshop as we discover which Star Origin is calling you home!

We will:

  • Learn more about the resonance and vibration of the main constellations we on Earth connect with
  • Discover why there are certain Stars and Planets which call more to us than others
  • Enhance your relationship with your main Star Systems
  • Receive the magical ‘medicine’ you’re being offered from your Star Team of Light!
  • Receive a Light Language attunement to open your Soul Star Chakra to receive broader Star wisdom!

We are so thrilled to be facilitating this Starseed Discovery workshop! Thank you for your joy and excitement!

With Love from the One True Heart, Jackie White and Alice Heath 🌹

*Workshop conducted in English via Zoom. Replay will be provided for all who register, so don’t worry if you can’t make it live! All participants will be muted for the recording, with an option to leave comments or questions in the chat throughout.