Six Week Happiness & Ho’oponopono Course

3 October | 19:00 BST

How Happy Are You?
Do we even really think about our Happiness?
Who taught you about Happiness?
Who taught you about Unhappiness?
Why do I so want to share this course with you?

Let’s clear old blocks, old programmes, old tapes replaying and start living your life from Inspiration.


3 October- 7 November | 19:00 BST

6 week Ho’oponopono & Happiness course.
I invite you to come and join me, let me share with you how to see the best in every situation, to love being who you are and who you are meant to be.

In 2010 I was delighted to attend a ‘Coaching Happiness Course’ and from this course my role of running the ‘Inspirations Positive Living Group’ was created.
This was a life changing moment that changed my outlook on life in such a positive manner that I wanted to share this happiness with others.
Later, when I was teaching this happiness course, I met someone that introduced me to Ho’oponopono and the two complement each other so well.

In my last 10 years with ‘Inspirations PLG’ I have had the pleasure to listen to so many wonderful speakers, on such a wide variety of subjects. I thank every one of them for where I am today. In all that time my Happiness and Ho’oponopono trainings are the two I hold closest to my heart; I can truly say that I live with and act on them daily.

In this course you will:

• Understand more about YOU!
• Know that you can be happy no matter what.
• Give yourself permission to be happy and not feel guilty.
• Come to LOVE, APPRECIATE and ACCEPT who you are.
• Learn how Happiness and the simplicity of Ho’oponopono work so beautifully together.
• Clear all old programmes, cords, and memories that no longer serve you.
• Trust your inner knowing, your intuition and really LOVE your Inner Child and ultimately your whole self.

7pm – 8.30pm UK time each week for 6 weeks – and always with an opportunity for questions.

On zoom recorded, and each recording sent out the next day, so you never have to miss a week. With Jackie White, Happiness Coach, Ho’oponopono Practitioner & Inspirations Positive Living Facilitator of 10 years.


Hi Jackie, Oh, my goodness Jackie, you don’t know what the Happiness Course has done for me in such a positive way.  It has catapulted me upwards after going through a horrible couple of years and put me on my path to find me again and make me number one in my life.  That isn’t easy to say but I’ve said it and really mean it after my learning.  Although nervous about the breakout rooms at first, as my confidence has been severely knocked because of recent events, I shouldn’t have worried and I met some wonderful, loving, kind and knowledgeable women and I am grateful for sharing our thoughts and ideas during these sessions.  I also found the resources helpful and have bought Barbara Berger’s ‘The Road to Power’ book and found myself shouting out ‘yes, yes’ as chapter 2 resonated with me!  I’ve yet to finish this book, I am a slow reader, but I have also bought one of Katie Bryon’s books and look forward to reading this too.  I am starting to find that Ho’oponopono is making me think and starting to become a part of daily life and I can already see positive changes with this.  I would like to dig deeper with this learning and would love to do a further course as suggested last evening if this is possible.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to going back over my notes from each of the sessions to remind myself of everything.

Jackie, I really believe you are an Angel on this earth.  I love listening to you and learning from you and thank you for everything, from the very bottom of my heart.  There is so much more I could say but please know that through this course you have helped me regain my zest for life … watch this space! With love and best wishes always, S.C. x

Every Tuesday evening, from October 3rd to November 7th 2023.

See our T&C’s regarding refunds. Contact: for concession £60