A Day Of Rejuvenation with Inspirational Speakers

7th September 2024
In Person

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7th September 2024

Empowering, Motivational, and Inspirational and Interactive talks throughout the day.

Empowering, Motivational, and Inspirational and Interactive talks throughout the day.

Speakers: Alice Heath, Colin Flaherty, Donna Maxine White, Kate May, and Tim Whild, hosted by Jackie White.

Base Charkra.
Grounding and balancing experience with Kate May and Colin Flaherty. Start your day with a soothing meditation to awaken your Chakras and foster a sense of unity and belonging, dispelling all fear. Join us for an opening drumming ceremony and don’t forget to bring your own drums.

Sacral Charkra
Balancing your home and security within your sacral chakra with Colin Flaherty.
Explore one man’s journey of inner cleansing with the Crow Tribe. Learn how to purify your home and yourself from negative energies to restore harmony and equilibrium. Say goodbye to insecurities by using a floor plan of your home and a pendulum.

Solar Plexus
Enhance self-understanding through Numerology with Kate May. Discover a sense of Self-worth and inner peace by embracing your true self through numerology. Explore how angelic guidance is intertwined with numbers in our daily lives, with repeated numbers and the influence of dates. Achieve harmony within your soul and beliefs through this practice.

Heart Charkra
Restoring love and peace in your heart chakra with Donna Maxine White. Mandela’s can assist in drawing abundance, health, love, and more into our lives. You will find a variety of Mandela’s to select, and colours based on your needs. They embody attributes like love, care, nurture, calmness, confidence, and openness. By balancing and rejuvenating your heart, you can reignite your passion for life.

Throat Charkra
Bring balance to your throat chakra in meditation with Tim Whild. Be led into a meditation session that guides you to connect with your intuition, listen to your heart, and express yourselves authentically. Focusing on communication, self-purification, to speak our truth clearly, bringing self-assurance, and promoting harmony within ourselves and with others.

Third Eye Charkra.
Channelling with Alice Heath, enhancing our third eye chakra. Get your questions answered through this channelling experience. By connecting and tapping into her clairvoyant abilities, messages and possibly light language may also be brought forward from The Diamond Ones. This process brings us clarity and provides us with much needed guidance.

Crown Charkra
Sound bath with RJ Noble. Taking us off into different realms with our crown chakra. Be taken on a magical sound bath experience for inner peace and healing. Let the heart rate decrease, muscles unwind and enter a state of relaxation that enhances inner wisdom and cellular rejuvenation. Feel connected and harmonised with everything around you, concluding this day of self-care and introspection in a serene manner.

(No food allowed to be brought into The Hamworthy Club.)
Hot beverages can be purchased from the bar all day.

Choice for lunch:

Luxury Fish Pie with white wine and dill sauce.
Beef Lasagne, served with garlic bread and salad.
Lasagne, roasted seasonal vegetables in a tangy tomato sauce topped with grated parmesan (V)



7th September 2024



Canford Magna, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 3AP



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