Human Design a Specific Roadmap for Our Life with Luke Voulgarakis

Human Design, just like our own human existence, is an experiment. It’s a tool that gives us our specific genetic roadmap for life. In its simplest form, the concept is that if we’re following our roadmap, then we will have fulfilled our life’s purpose. It’s important to mention that your purpose doesn’t simply mean your career path. When we live our design, we live it throughout every part of our human existence – from the food we eat to the way we interact with the World, and everything in between.

Human Design can truly give you an understanding of who you are and a validation for why you are the way you are. We live in a World where we’re all taught to behave in the same way, to follow the same rules and to engage in ‘one size fits all’ solutions to our issues. With Human Design, all of our charts are totally unique and we’re all meant to follow our own unique roadmap. Human Design gives us the permission and confidence we need to tread our own path and to break free from the traps of our conditioning and societal expectations.

​​Our duty with human design is not to drop everything and start our lives over in a totally new mindset and modality, but to take each piece of information from our roadmap and experiment with it. And as our experiment progresses, we start to experience our own personal and magical results, which leads us to continue and experiment a little bit more each time, until we have naturally reached a point where we are effortlessly living our human design with ease and joy.

What’s the workshop about?
During this workshop, Luke will guide you through the basics of your own personal Human Design chart. There’s about 15 hours of information stored in your chart, and a lifetime’s worth of study to practice and implement it. In this workshop Luke will be covering the three main elements – your type, your authority and your strategy. It is said that if everybody simply knew these three elements, that the rest of our Human Design would just happen organically, and the whole World could be transformed as we all start living by our own personal design.