Donna Maxine White 3rd to 5th Dimension and thoughts about 2024

We have Donna Maxine White joining us this evening on zoom.

Donna Maxine White is internationally well known and has been a professional reader for over 35 years, working with people both in person and on the telephone, based in Christchurch, near Bournemouth. She uses her psychic and clairsentient abilities in many ways, as well as doing tarot and palmistry readings she offers past life tarot readings and in-depth karmic palmistry readings, which helps the soul clear blocks and work through karmic patterns.

She has vast experience in seeing and healing Auras and working with Chakra energies and now devotes a lot of time to running workshops teaching people how to connect with their higher Chakras and guiding them to clear their own aura from blocks and negative memories. She also runs tarot and palmistry courses and day workshops covering many other subjects.

For this evening Donna will share with us how her understanding of going from a 3rd dimensional world to a 5th dimensional world has changed in the last three years. As with all of us we have heard the planet is now 5th dimension and we must catch up. Is that how Donna sees it?

Donna will also share her thoughts on what 2024 has in store for us and what staying on our highest timeline means.

This will be a fascinating evening; Donna is loved for her wisdom and knowledge and most of all her authenticity.