Becoming Young Again: The Science and Secrets of Kaya Kalpa with Dr Sam Watts

Kaya Kalpa is Ayurveda’s most profound blueprint for the reversal of physiological ageing, the promotion of longevity and the regeneration and rejuvenation of both body and mind. Crucially, the approaches, practices and herbal medicines that Kaya Kalpa uses to achieve this aim have now been clinically proven by cutting-edge Western science. More specifically, Kaya Kalpic practices, particularly the herbal formulations it employs, have been clinically proven to increase the production of stem cells which is the only mechanism the body has to replace old, damaged and diseased tissue with healthy new ones. Furthermore, these practices have also been shown to significantly impact upon telomerase production and telomere lengthening which are both clinically correlated to a slowing, halting and in many cases reversal of genetic ageing. Join me on June 27th to learn all about the science and secrets of this truly unique approach to promoting youthfulness and longevity as we age.