What are the traits of lucky people? The facts are astounding

What are the traits of lucky people? The facts are astounding with Andy Workman
Inspirations PLG (Positive Living Group) are delighted to welcome Andy back with us. He is such an inspiration in living a life he loves, you will love listening to him.
As always this will be recorded but of course if you are with us in person there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Making Your Own Luck People often tell us to “consider ourselves lucky” or that we “make our own luck”, but is it possible to do so?
Many of us believe in the “Law of Attraction” whilst others dismiss the concept, that belief has any influence over our life experience, in an instant. Which of them are right?

Join Andy for a whistle stop tour of just some of the scientific research that proves beyond doubt that our thoughts and beliefs about how lucky or unlucky we are, contribute massively in us benefiting or suffering from being lucky or unlucky.
Find out why being a bit more Marlon Brando or Sandra Bullock in your approach can make a massive difference to your luck, your confidence and your achievements.
About Andy: No stranger to the Inspirations PLG, Andy Workman is a Mindset Specialist, Author, Speaker and Broadcaster, specializing in mental health and mindset training and improvement. His book on the same subject, “Cavemen and Polar Bears” and the live presentation on which it is based, enjoys increasing international popularity. As a result, he has worked alongside some notable figures on the self-help circuit, including Dr David Hamilton and presented his workshops in some of Europe’s biggest and powerful institutions, including the European Central Bank.
As a ex-police officer of over 30 years service, Andy brings a wealth of life experience to his work, along with plenty of humour and the knowledge gained in over a decade of clinical practice as a solution focused hypnotherapist. He uses this unique combination to suggest simple but effective tools that can be used by anyone and everyone to improve their enjoyment of every day.
“What Were You Thinking?” which investigates the science behind luck. Can we change our luck? How important is it to think yourself lucky? What are the traits of lucky people? Etc. The facts are astounding.

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