Trusting Your 5th Dimensional Heart with Renee Johnson

Renee will be talking about how connecting with our Akashic records can heal and clear us on our path of Ascension.
How we can connect with our inner compass, our hearts, to listen to our guidance and how we can really trust ourselves.
How decrees and prayer can change our inner world as well as our outer world.

Renee Johnson is an Ascension Guide, high frequency lightworker, Akashic Reader, Quantum Healing Practitioner.

In one of her previous lifetime’s she worked in Atlantis as a high priestess taking care of the crystals, temples and communities.

Renee used telepathic gifts to tune into gather information with regards to energy and guidance for the community, channelling high frequency energies to keep the energy stabilised and protected.
These beautiful, gentle but powerful gifts have now returned to Renee and she is using them in this lifetime to be a guide for the ascension of planet earth and humanity.

Renee awakened back in 2011 after leaving an abusive relationship, she had something called ‘broken heart syndrome’, this created a very rapid heart beat and an extreme case of opening the heart chakra very quickly and to an expansive level. She had a near death experience and this was when her ‘real’ soul ‘walked in’ ready to carry out the work she is presently doing.
Renee has been healing and guiding souls planet wide for 7 years and offers a range of different healing modalities and channelled ascension guidance.

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