The Journey is the Goal with Joe Hayes

The Journey is the Goal
Mapping your Journey, Observing the Signposts and The Power of Commitment

Joe is a good friend of Inspirations Positive Living Group. He has so many wonderful stories he has gained throughout his life, fascinating to listen to and inspirational for us in our own lives to realize what we have been through in our life, going through now, is part of the perfect plan of our life that we may not see as perfect at the time but it really is.

Joe will be sharing, how through numerous synchronistic experiences, he was able to unshackle himself from the strangle hold of materialism, becoming free to follow his dream, his purpose, and his contribution to humanity. We all have a story to tell on our Soul’s journey, a purpose, direction, and a contribution we can make for the betterment of humanity.

I will share a personal transformative experience and some very short but powerful and effective short-cuts into visualisation, breathing techniques, meditation, NLP with anatomical and writing tricks to stay present on our intent.

I believe, especially during these times, about the importance of focusing on what is breaking through not what is breaking down.

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