• Tarot Mentoring with Steve Hounsome

    14th September 2021 | 7:00pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

    TAROT MENTORING with Steve Hounsome

    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a mentor in life who –

    • knew you better than you know yourself
    • could go everywhere with you
    • never got tired of anything you asked or wanted to know
    • always told you the truth
    • you could confide all your deepest secrets to
    • had knowledge and wisdom from centuries of existence and experience

    The answer is that you have and It is called the Tarot! In this talk, Steve will show you how you can use the Tarot as a spiritual and practical Mentor, ready and able to assist you as you make your way through your life. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have studied or even ‘know’ the Tarot to do so. The talk will give you practical tips on how to apply what the Tarot tells you to your self and life.

  • Pippa Wilford – Living in Alignment with your True Self

    Pippa Wilford – Living in Alignment with your True Self
    We all want to live our best life and yet can struggle to know how, especially when we have been conditioned as children to live according to the expectations of others.  Without understanding our fundamental “blue print” we can lose our sense of self as we try to “fit in” rather than celebrate our own uniqueness.

    Do you frequently run out of steam and need time alone to recharge?  Or do you have more energy than you know what to do with?  
    Are your best decisions made instantly?  Do you have a reliable “gut feel” for what’s right for you?  Or do you need to give yourself time to tune in to make your best decisions?
    Do you have consistent access to willpower?
    In this introductory talk, Pippa will give you an overview of the Human Design Keys and how an understanding of your own Type and Authority allow you to live your best life in flow.

  • Debbi Walker – How to use Tuning Forks to Tune Up Your Life

    Debbi will chat about how she designed her Clear Cleanse and Balance System of 3 Tuning Forks and how she came to heal fully from ME. Debbi will also share her journey from a busy district nurse to creating Suara Sound Academy in 2011 and then teaching sound therapist worldwide.

    Debbi will do a demonstration and offer a meditation.
    Some of what you may expect to feel:

    1. Calmness descends
    2. Feeling peaceful
    3. Breathing slower
    4. Mind chatter lessened or stops
    5. Feeling more together in oneself
  • Channelling, Soul Stories and the Halls of Amenti with Gemma Jones

    Gemma will be giving us her experience and wisdom on how channeling is a key we all hold within us that allows us to open up to communication with our soul & higher self, archangels, ascended masters and other luminous beings.

    Soul stories are one of the “product’s” of Gemma’s channelling abilities and have given her great insight into how our soul operates through us, especially in this great time we are living in.

    The Halls of Amenti are the storehouse of all our lifetimes on earth and beyond, by accessing the halls we reconnect with our past gifts and abilities.

  • Adrian Incledon-Webber – The Secrets of House Healing

    This presentation was wonderful, so informative. We no longer make our talks public after a certain time to be fair to those that purchase the actual event at the time of recording.
    This will stay on our website to purchase.

    • Is there conflict in your home?
    • Have you ever walked into a room and felt inexplicably uncomfortable?
    • Do you feel more tired than is reasonable for the life you live?

    Then it may be that detrimental energies are at play in your home…

  • Diana Cooper-Steps to the Golden Future and how Unicorns can help us achieve it.

    We are moving rapidly towards the new Golden Age in 2032.  How do we ascend from the old paradigm into a glorious new way of life?  What will replace the old economic systems, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and governments?  What spiritual and psychic gifts will we bring forward?  What will the fifth dimensional communities be like?  What will the new children be like and how will they be educated?  How will we travel?  What will the awesome new spiritual technology offer?

    We are living at the most momentous time in the history of humanity, the birthing of a new Golden Age.  As midwives we have contracted to deliver an amazing new civilization and the unicorns are here to help us co-create the wonders that await us.  In 2032 there is a cosmic event that will help us jump shift into the higher consciousness and attract bounty from the universe.  I will share about this and the steps to 2032, then to 2050 when everything will have changed beyond our wildest expectations and how the unicorns can assist us.