Siobhan Purcell, Energy Healer, Light Language and Meditation

Join Siobhan Purcell, Energy Healer & Teacher who will introduce us to her healing world, followed by a guided meditation and light language healing transmission, attuned to your unique vibration.

Siobhan’s journey in alternative healing began in 1998 after being called to step onto her true path and subsequently qualifying as a homeopath and healer. She committed to a journey of self-discovery and development in order to support others and has acquired many skills since then, qualifying as a yoga teacher more recently.

Her passion is enabling others to understand themselves more intimately, facilitating their healing so that they step into their potential and also realise their multidimensionality.

Siobhan began channelling light language publicly, early in 2018 although her first transmission occurred spontaneously in 2012.

This is what I do day-to-day:

Homeopath (my own business) and I work for Ainsworths, West London
Healer & spiritual counsellor (supporting lightworkers who are upgrading a lot lately)
Astrologer (on a break)
Ayurvedic head & foot massage
Yoga Teacher

Teach Meditation & other workshops
Lead Global Meditation & Healing Group
Teach Online Meditation & Healing
Teach Yin Yoga & Healing – in studio

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