Sacha Stone speaking with Jackie White

This is my second talk with Sacha and I am really looking forward to hearing more of what he and all the wonderful Doctor’s and World Leaders that he is in contact with are doing at this time to help us navigate our way through this time, and what we can do to help them.

There is division with families, friends, colleagues, neighbours as well as confusion and frustration. All of us wanting to have the answer, to understand what is happening. And then the lightworkers holding the light, going within, trying to stay balanced, not to get pulled either way but to know thyself, my own truth.
Where is Source, Divinity & Divine Expression in all of this?
We chose to incarnate at this time, this is what we are here for. A new world is birthing from all this, we are ascending as a planet… what does that all mean?
All of this without even mentioning the V word that is going to save the world… The masks and what they are doing for our mental health.

Very hopeful this time Sacha will speak about the new money system and the Straw Man as well as many other subjects we can cover.
It is of course completely up to us individually to decide for ourselves if what Sacha shares with us resonates or not and I do believe our higher selves our divine expression always knows when truth is spoken.
I am beyond grateful that Sacha is joining me for this second event and happy to answer as many questions as possible for us all.

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