Sacha Stone speaking with Jackie White

Sacha talks about his experience in the Zone of Silence in Mexico for the Solar Eclipse that has been predicted and mentioned in the scriptures for 14’000 years.

April 8th 2024 He along with Dr Alex Ling who lives in the UK but travelled to Mexico even though he is terrified of flying. And a group of friends with Sacha’s tiny dog Dante.

The security they encountered, the journey in a huge truck over the dreadful terrain.

A wonderful conversation and it came up about the weird thing spiritual people having been doing for a few years Heart to Heart hugging, which I have done as well, it has never felt natural or right and Sacha has put an end to that for me now, I’m delighted to say.

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  1. Right on Sacha… you rock.. so well said…. thank you so much for this amazing dialog…we are the champions!!! What a brilliant time to be alive AND awake!!!

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