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The Earth’s Energy lines with their nodes and the Earth’s Energy grids with their intersections are becoming stronger and stronger. All Humanity stands poised to take advantage of a huge natural opportunity if enough people stand up, make the right decision and take necessary action.

Why this is the case?
What we must do?
What areas we must still find out more information?
How we can now all help so we can rise to the challenge we all face?
These questions and more are going to be discussed in this talk.

Rory Duff is a Geobiologist – a person who studies how the Earth affects Life. Rory currently runs a range of competency-based dowsing courses in the city of Bath and he has taught over 1000 people how to dowse. He is currently testing over 150 hours of group discussion modules on topics related to spirituality and the evolution of consciousness which he now sees is at hand from having measured the changes in the energy lines.

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful interview with Rory Duff, Jackie! Much gratitude for all the Positivity you emanate into our world. I see the above video is no longer available, do you know of a way we can begin to find others in our area for group meditations on the summer solstice?
    Sending love and thanks from Texas USA

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