Relationships & Effects on the body with Bill Tucker

How does making judgements effect the body?
Do you believe there are viruses?
If someone came to you with an itchy scalp, would you have an idea of what is going on for them?
Does having a belief about hereditary illnesses bring it on? Or are there hereditary illnesses?
Sat in an office with other people all different things going on for them at home, don’t bring it to work… how does the different energies impact on us?
Do you believe we have an immune system?
Would you drink tap water?
If illness in the body is caused by our different relationships/traumas/emotions, where does what we consume, or our diet come into body health?
Specifically, sugar? Addiction to sugar?
Conversation about family and a cancer diagnosis.
Ask questions of yourself if an illness presents itself.
Self-love and self-worth.
Fasting or eat like a King between 7and 9am Prince at lunch and pauper later.
Chinese medicine Acupuncture herbal medicine.
Does it help to visualise yourself and your body in perfect health?

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